06 February 2009

10 especial motivation or reason [of] people buy your product

10 especial motivation or reason [of] people buy your product. This motif frankly make your product [is] bought [by] the people, [is]:
by Sunar.ST

1. Fear. People impelled to buy for fear of. Fear represent the people impeller buy very strong. Follow the example of, bad for fear of, diligent woman buy the make up and routine to salon. For fear of pain, people become athletic diligent and buy the multivitamin. Other fear what else? fear of failure People, fear if old [of] miserable life, and a lot of again other fear.

2. Confession. People buy because wishing esteemed and confessed. They wish accepted as [by] the part of a group. [At] higher level level, people wish famous. To get that confession, they ready to hold the bag any.

3. Love the. Love also very strong purchasing impeller. Old fellow ready to sacrifice any kind of for the shake of children loved. Insurance become sweet in demand because motif love this.

4. Win. There'S nothing like referred [as] [by] pecundang. Everybody want to be the winner. Everybody wish to become best. In order to become best, they use or buy the best appliance. [So that/ to be] bright, they learn at school exeed. [So that/ to be] winning race, they wear the best kendaraan, best oli, best technician, best tire, and all that are best.

5. Developing x'self. People always wish better. They joint forces with the fitness centre [of] [so that/ to be] its body become the box. They follow the seminar to learn the assistive matter develop x'self.

6. [is] Balmy. People always wish the freshment. balmy chair, soft mattress, delicious shoe weared the, delicious car taken a ride, and other. Nothing;There is no one who will be hard.

7. Requirement live the. People live the butuh eat, drink the, residence, kendaraan, electrics, phone the, pulsa, and a lot of again. For pebisnis internet, computer and internet also requirement. “ Goods making us cannot ACTION without nya” becoming especial reason to buy.

8. Ambition differ the. People wish do not [is] equal to the other. People wish to come up the difference. Clothes weared [by] if can only the single [in] world. Handphone weared to represent the newest product [is] which not yet been owned [by] the neighbour. Ambition wish to differ this strong impeller to buy.

9. Ambition correlate the. People always aspire to braid the [relation/link]. Whether blood relation, friend, relationship, girlfriend, friend work, and other [relation/link]. Unnecessary to hence surprise if situs web friendship of[is inclusive of most crowded [in] internet. Because nothing;there is no one who will live [by] xself [in] world.

10. Power. People wish in command. People want to be the power. Because people power ready to [do/conduct] any even even sometime do not enter the natural existence. Power [is] one of strong motif [of] human being action.

If your service or product able to that mengeksplorasi motif, and you able to communicate [it] precisely, undoubtedly product you'd be invaded [by] [cutomer/ client]. More and more the motif enter in product element / your service, and you able to promote truly, guaranteed [by] a product you'd burst [in] marketing.

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